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Welcome to new mobile prostatite Kandal kasallik. Nanobacteria Article by Dr. Causes of prostatitis. Treatments and forms of prostatitis. Shoskes Article on Herbal Medicines The mission of the Prostatitis Foundation is to educate the public about the prevalence of prostatitis and encourage and support research to find the cause and a cure for prostatitis.

There's a lot to learn. You and I have a lot to learn, and medical science has a lot to learn about prostatitis. Many cases of chronic prostatitis are not easy to cure. When you have read everything about prostatitis on this site, you may still have questions. The current state of scientific and medical knowledge about prostatitis is not very good, as any honest doctor will admit.

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As a nonprofit we need and are required to be supported by those for whom we advocate. Department of Health and Human Services. NIH Publication Number, pp Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland, often resulting in swelling or pain. Prostatitis can result in four significant symptoms: pain, urination problems, sexual dysfunction, and general health problems, such as feeling tired and depressed.

The prostate is prostatite Kandal kasallik reproductive gland located just below the bladder and prostatite Kandal kasallik front of the prostatite Kandal kasallik. It wraps around the urethra, a tube that carries urine from the bladder. To check the prostate gland, a physician will carry out a digital rectal examination, which involves inserting a well lubricated gloved finger into the rectum to check for any abnormalities of the gland.

The physician also may collect a sample of prostate fluid so that it can be analyzed. Estimates on the number of males in the United States who will experience prostatitis during their lifetimes range up to 50 percent. Many urologic disease experts feel that from 5 to 10 percent of males will be experiencing prostatitis at a particular time, making prostatite Kandal kasallik one of the most common urologic diseases in the U.

Over the years, prostatitis has been subdivided into a number of categories, but today commonly accepted variations of the disease include nonbacterial, acute, and chronic. By far, the most common type of prostatitis is nonbacterial prostatitis. Symptoms may include frequent urination and pain in the lower abdomen or lower back area.

Causes may be stress and irregular sexual activity. According to Dr. Leroy Nyberg, Jr. Nyberg said. Acute bacterial prostatitis can be the result of bacteria, a virus, or a sexually transmitted disease. Symptoms may include fever and chills, low back pain, frequent and painful urination, weak stream when urinating, and infrequent urination.

Nyberg explained that these infections often are treated with antibiotics, bed rest, stool softener, and increased fluid intake. Chronic prostatitis may be bacterial or the result of an inflammation of the prostate.

Symptoms may include frequent bladder prostatite Kandal kasallik, frequent urination, and persistent pain prostatite Kandal kasallik the lower abdomen or back.

This form of prostatitis often is treated with medications often antibioticschanges in the diet, biofeedback, and nonprescription supplements, according to Dr. Medical Tests for Prostate Problems pdf.

Shoskes Article on Herbal Medicines. The mission prostatite Kandal kasallik the Prostatitis Foundation is to educate the public about prostatite Kandal kasallik prevalence of prostatitis and encourage and support research to find the cause and a cure for prostatitis.